fetch data corruption on local fs (was: Re: problem setting up ports)

bebahu at gmail.com bebahu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 12:06:09 UTC 2009


I have seen the same problem. Fetch is corrupting downloads to local 
filesystems. You can try it on an NFS mount or mount your local fs with 
"-o sync".

As i have seen there are n x 32bytes of corrupt chunks in the downloaded 
file. I hope it correlate with something, but have no time to dig 
deeper. Also note cp, scp does not corrupts data so fetch does something 


RuiDC wrote:
> After much battling, and courtesy of some recently uploaded patch files, i've
> got FreeBSD8 working on the plug.
> However, upon trying to set up ports using portsnap - which fails
> consistently but at varying places in the untar, i've now also got errors
> unzipping ports.tar.gz:
> splug# fetch ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/ports/ports.tar.gz
> splug# gunzip ports.tar.gz
> gunzip: invalid compressed data--crc error
> gunzip: ports.tar.gz: uncompress failed
> the same file extracts fine on an i386 machine.
> Has anybody got any ideas how to debug this?
> Regards,
> RuiDC

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