Marvel Sheevaplug

Rafal Jaworowski raj at
Thu Aug 20 19:26:36 UTC 2009

On 2009-08-20, at 20:54, Rafael Mentz Aquino wrote:

> Good Afternoon,
> O bought one Marvel Sheevaplug. I already created the cross-compiled  
> world,
> but when I try to compile kernel SHEEVAPLUG, I got an error. I already
> applied

Please include error messages you observe. I received a confirmation  
from Donald Hayford that the patch worked fine for him with sources  
around Aug 15.

The patch as is would not apply cleanly however for very recent HEAD  
as some of the changes from the diff were committed individually to  
the tree. I'll try to come up with an udated version against recentŽ  
HEAD tomorrow.

> the patch according to the thread below:
> Without the patch, I can compile kernel 88F6XXX, but freezes when I
> try to use it at sheevaplug.

Don't use the DB- config for SP, it won't work.


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