Openmoko phones and USB on FreeBSD

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at
Sat Sep 13 12:08:51 UTC 2008


There are some problems using the dfu-util to flash Openmoko phones from 
FreeBSD. The problem resides in the USB stack on the phone, which does not 
support the libusb-0.1 string requests. I'm planning to work around this in 
the kernel to avoid future problems. I have tested patches for this, but they 
have not committed yet.

Secondly I plan to add support for RNDIS so that you can access the OpenMoko 
phone through USB ethernet. I'm currently awaiting approval from the Linux 
people to port their RNDIS driver to the new USB stack under a BSD license. 
Really they should have used CDC ethernet, but there are too many Windows 
users out there I guess :-)


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