Updated Neo1973 snapshot

Andrew Turner andrew at fubar.geek.nz
Sun Sep 30 03:37:36 PDT 2007

There is a new snapshot available from [1]. I've fixed the problems
with FreeBSD causing the CPU to jump to a bad memory address. You will
need to adjust the mkimage arguments. See [2] for more information.

On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 19:09:10 +1200
Andrew Turner <andrew at fubar.geek.nz> wrote:
> There is a problem with the calls to strlen and strcpy where they
> cause the emulator to execute from invalid memory locations (eg.
> 0x0). The line "preload_metadata = (void *)fake_preload;" also causes
> qemu to attempt to execute from a bad memory location (0x20). Does
> anyone have any ideas how to fix either of these?
I've tracked these down to Qemu attempting to execute the u-boot header
rather. I've fixed it by adjusting the location it starts executing
from to be correct.


[2] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/FreeBSD

Andrew Turner

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