Comment bug in locore.S?

Marius Nuennerich marius.nuennerich at
Thu Sep 27 08:18:19 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm still trying to boot FreeBSD on the neo1973. So far I managed to
put bytes over the serial console so I can see where I am. At the
moment the (virtual) machine crashes in locore.S (1.16) line 170:
ldr pc, .Lvirt_done

qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0xc0008???

Which I don't understand because the section should be mapped by the
MMU to 0x30008??? at that time.

In line 137 the sequence in the comment is described as
/* # of sections, PA|attr, VA */
but in line 185 the order is
n_sec, VA, PA|attr

Is the comment wrong?

Any idea why the mapping doesn't work?
I needed to map the uart with
MMU_INIT(0x50000000, 0x50000000, 1, L1_TYPE_S|L1_S_AP(AP_KRW))
which worked (I can still put chars after the mmu gets enabled).

Kind regards

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