MMC cards support

Stanislav Sedov stas at
Thu Dec 13 14:26:58 PST 2007

On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 02:58:28PM -0700 M. Warner Losh mentioned:
> There's no MMC support in the boot loader at the moment.  Only SD
> support.  There's some preliminary MMC support in the infrastructure,
> but I never fleshed it out.

Well, I'm not talking about the boot loader's support, but abouth the
support in the kernel - I need the this to mount root from. From the
older posts I've seens that there was some secret driver - qdmmc, whicn
supported mmc cards (if I got this correctly). Can I found this somewhere?

> : Also, I have a little question about if_ate. I'm receiving the error
> : when initializing it:
> : ate0: No MAC address setdevice_attach: ate0 attach returned 6
> This means that the MAC address wasn't set by the boot loader.
> : Is it u-boot (that I use to boot the FreeBSD kernel) sets up incorrect
> : MAC (though the network works flawlessly in u-boot), or probably there're
> : some other issues that can cause it?
> I tought one needed to so something special with uboot to set the MAC
> address.  Is that not right?

Probably. It seems that FreeBSD is trying to read MAC address from the chip's
registers, and I though that if the ethernet works in u-boot then this registers
have been set. I'll investigate this further.

Thanks for the reply!

Stanislav Sedov

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