Kendin KS8695

Gardner Bell gbell72 at
Fri Jul 28 21:14:57 UTC 2006

--- John-Mark Gurney <gurney_j at> wrote:
> Depends upon what you mean by compatible...  ARM should support the
> processor core (I'm not sure what the 922T has over the 920T
> processor),
> but as for the devices attached to the core, there isn't any support
> that I know about for the chip...

Core processor support is what I meant by compatibility, sorry for not
being clear with that in my original message.  ATM, I'm trying to get
as much documentation on all the attached devices as possible.  This is
proving to be difficult though.

> Adding support for the devices to make it really functional can be a
> lot of work...  but getting basic support functional isn't too
> difficult..

This is already proving to be very difficult, but I am determined.  The
problems I'm facing now, is in finding any suitable documentation for
the Delta LF8290F and Delta LF8561 10/100BASE-TX transformers.  I know
this isn't directly related to ARM, but would anyone know where I can
find the docs for these?

> We are starting to integrate the arm toolchain patches into CVS head,
> but until then, you can pull the patch out of perforce:

Thanks, are the patches located there the same as the ones located


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