kill(2) man page: ESRCH

Ed Schouten ed at
Thu Mar 15 12:07:21 UTC 2012


* Konstantin Belousov <kostikbel at>, 20120315 12:56:
> No, this is wrong. ESRCH is the valid error return, just the description
> is bogus, and should be updated.

But wait. There are two ESRCH entries in the man page. I only removed
the one that is invalid.

If we want to improve the wording of the man page (which is unrelated to
my change), we should commit something like:

Index: kill.2
--- kill.2	(Revision 233002)
+++ kill.2	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@
 is not a valid signal number.
 .It Bq Er ESRCH
-No process can be found corresponding to that specified by
+No process or process group can be found corresponding to that specified by
 .Fa pid .
 .It Bq Er EPERM
 The sending process is not the super-user and its effective

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