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Philip Paeps philip at
Mon Aug 29 12:34:15 UTC 2011

On 29 Aug 2011, at 17:01, perryh at wrote:
> Vadim Goncharov <vadim_nuclight at> wrote:
>> May be FreeBSD should really write it's own VCS, just as Git was
>> modelled after proprietary BitKeeper?..
> Good luck getting agreement on what to model it on :)
> Personally I would suggest ClearCase as a model, but that's largely
> because I'm familiar with it.

Wait...  you're familiar with ClearCase and you want something that's
modelled like it?  Most people familiar with ClearCase consider it to
be a dire warning of what a VCS can become, not an example. :)

I think any system where the server has to keep track of every client's
files is pretty much obsolete in 2011.  It scales unbelievably poorly.

 - Philip

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