How about finally replacing GNATS? (was Re: FreeBSD problems and preliminary ways to solve)

Jos Backus jos at
Sat Aug 27 20:28:03 UTC 2011

What about Redmine? It supports Subversion and Git, among other things.

On Aug 27, 2011 11:08 AM, "Pedro F. Giffuni" <giffunip at> wrote:
> Hmm...
> I will admit quite frankly that the difference is not huge,
> and perhaps that's the reason why it hasn't been done
> before, but our bug reporting system is quite outdated.
> It works for most needs but I think the only reason
> we are stuck with it is because we can still file bugs
> from a console.
> I know this is not the first time someone brings the
> subject, we even have a Wiki page about it:
> I do find Bugzilla a lot more useful than GNATS: I
> particularly like that it is possible to obsolete
> attachments. Requiring an id serves to control the spam
> a bit and develops some level of compromise with the
> project.
> In other projects (notably the Apache Foundation)
> JIRA is also gaining popularity. These newer bug
> tracking systems are very versatile and integrate
> with SVN.
> While here, some people have requested opengrok in
> the past.
> Just something to think, but delaying these changes
> too much rarely proves beneficial for the Project.
> Pedro.
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