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 Generally we take care of developing web applications   Microsoft .NET 

 But, I am not writing   experiencing a 
 reality of great   served in shops, mall, 
 internet does   
 I would suggest that you can invest,   services in 
 our market.

 - Consultation (management,   
 - Human resources
 - Office / shop
 - Propagation of products   

 To give an example of prices. Production   company, the 
 initial phase of propagation of they   Poland has been subjected 
 to the following monthly costs:
 - Three JAVA programmers - 5000   
 - A Team Leader - 2000 euro
 - Internet connection,   
 - Marketing - 1500 euro
 Total: 9060 euro
 Our commission: 15% - 1359 euro

 The rates in Poland:
 Company Tax - 18%

 A simulation   
 Earnings gross: 100000 euro (123000   
 Costs: 80000 euro (98400 euro + VAT)
 Net earnings:   
 Fees: 3600 euro
 Net earnings II: 16400 euro
 Total net income: 16400 euro


 If your company has the need, I can be helpful.



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   I nostri punti forti che ci differiscono dalla concorrenza:
   -   - Prendiamo cura e responsabilita   progetti che sviluppiamo
   - Nostri servizzi   europa
   - Impiegiamo   solamente con migliori


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