FreeBSD problems and preliminary ways to solve

Lev Serebryakov lev at
Fri Aug 19 08:50:11 UTC 2011

Hello, Robert.
You wrote 19 августа 2011 г., 12:41:41:

> Our network stack is actually pretty parallel as such things go, and there are
> a number of changes in FreeBSD 9.x that extend this work.  Most of the
> performance work is being done on edge nodes rather than middle nodes -- i.e.,
> maxing out multiple 10gbps links serving content, etc, rather than in routing
> configurations, though.  We also have a strong and growing collection of
> 10gbps drivers.  You'll find our drivers lifted for many other systems,
> including Solaris :-).
  I need to bribe our admins (OPs) on my paid work to try FreeBSD
instead of Solaris on new servers :) We are processing huge amount of
multicast streams (up to 2.5-3Gbit/s with 500-1000 bytes packets) and
have difficulties not to lose any packets on Solaris :) They tried
Linux without success, but FreeBSD is unknown to them.

 One problem  for FreeBSD is that our applications are Java-based...
Problems are not in Java, but in Intel drivers (igb / ixgb in FreeBSD
terms), which sometimes lose packets with "buffer is not available"
diagnostics when consumer is heavily-multithreaded.

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