Further sh(1) plans

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Tue Jun 22 16:15:41 UTC 2010

In message: <20100619113126.GB83874 at stack.nl>
            Jilles Tjoelker <jilles at stack.nl> writes:
: It appears useful to say some more about my plans with sh(1).

In general, I really like your plans.  I've had minor issues with
sh(1) for years, but have always been able to work around them.  Of
course, I'd have much rather had the underlying issues fixed at the
time, but sometimes life is too short and a 1 line hack to a
misbehaving script is easier...

: For embedded systems, it may be best to disable libedit entirely in the
: end product (we don't currently have a knob for this). If you need to
: log in to such a system, the additions will likely be useful, as there
: may not be any other shell on the system. The completion code is fairly
: small compared to the rest of libedit.

How big are both of these parts?  libedit is ~110k on my amd64 box.
How big is the completion code you've added?  A few k is likely worth
it, but 50k likely is starting to be not worth it.  I'd be happy to
work with you on knobs here.


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