Change to config(8) for OFED

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sat Jun 12 17:18:07 UTC 2010

In message: <20100612.101458.10150326125744273.imp at>
            "M. Warner Losh" <imp at> writes:
: In message: <alpine.BSF.2.00.1006111611380.1435 at desktop>
:             Jeff Roberson <jroberson at> writes:
: : I have a patch to permit compilation of files brought in from linux
: : that use the same name in multiple directories.  I added a new
: : directive called 'obj-prefix' which expects a quoted string that will
: : be prepended to the object file name.  The problem is that this breaks
: : ${.IMPSRC}
: So foo_bar.o depends on bar.c?  And ${.IMPSRC} expands to foo_bar.c?
: : I could also emit the source file name for those rules which are
: : created with prefixes and then require each file that uses a prefix to
: : also use compile-with.  This wouldn't be so bad since they likely are
: : already using compile-with anyway.
: You'll have to emit compile rules, I think.

Ideally, you'd be able to emit:

foo_bar.o: $S/path/to/file/bar.c

but NORMAL_C is


and .IMPSRC is null.  That seems like a bug to me, but I'm not sure if
the bug is that .IMPSRC is computed wrong, or if it really should be


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