tzcode update to 2008e

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Sun Sep 21 09:42:55 UTC 2008

Currently the tzcode in the FreeBSD operating system is from 2004.
I have updated, on my development machine at home, src/lib/libc/stdtime
and src/usr.sbin/zic to tzcode version 2008e. It still works.

zic compiles the zonefiles into version 2 format, zdump properly
shows the data. The strftime() tests with the date regression tests
(bin/127514: [patch] regression tests for date(1)) work fine.

The patch can be found at, it is against
current. The MFCs for 7.x and 6.x should be relatively simple.

I have done it on i386, so I'm happy to hear how other architectures
are going with it. And then, euhm... yeah, what's next?


Edwin Groothuis
edwin at

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