Simple framework for regression tests in src/tools/regression

nik nik at
Sat Jan 19 14:06:49 PST 2008

John Baldwin wrote:
> When I converted the test program for the posix shm stuff over to a regression 
> test I added some framework bits to manage the output format prove(1) 
> expects.  You can find it in src/tools/regression/posixshm/test.[ch].  I was 
> curious if we wanted to perhaps make it a library in the base system 
> (libbsdtest.a or some such) that our regression tools could use.

You want libtap(3), which outputs the necessary format.  I wrote it, 
then got caught up with other things, and now Rusty Russel 
(rusty at, copied) maintains it.

There's a repo at -- IIRC 
there's also a port (which probably needs updating).


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