sensors fun..

Sam Lawrance boris at
Wed Oct 24 16:26:42 PDT 2007

On 18/10/2007, at 2:45 AM, John Baldwin wrote:

> [Trying to redirect this off cvs-all & friends.. ]
> So as I said previously, I thought about this some more offline  
> last night /
> this morning and looked at the code some and here are my thoughts:
> Things I like about the current sensors code:
> - I like the actual sensor object used to represent a sensor.  It  
> has a few
> basic things like a string for a name, a type (I would have just done
> a "units" for the value, but the type is basically that), and a  
> basic alarm
> state. (I might have done 4 states, think green, yellow, orange,  
> red mapped
> to good, warning, critical, bad.  However, the 3 states in the  
> current code
> is fine.  4 states might be overkill.)

Perhaps an "unknown" state would be useful for those times when  
things aren't going quite right.

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