sensors fun..

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Oct 17 13:07:51 PDT 2007

John Baldwin wrote:
> Other things that might be nice:
> - IWBN to have a userland interface to sensors.  For example, if nothing else 
> a sensor enumerator rather than duplicating the sysctl loop as the current 
> code does.  This would make it easier to at least adjust the current 
> artificial limit on the number of sensors since only one place in userland 
> would have to change.  (BTW, having an artificial limit on the number of 
> sensors is lame.  This is an example where using the normal way of walking a 
> sysctl tree is superior.  You can lose the entire limit.)  Having a userland 
> interface also makes it easier to have backends that are entirely in 
> userland.
maybe a loopback filesystem

/var/run/sensors could be a loopback filesystem that exports a view of the 
sensors available. The process doing the work would be a userland process but
it would be providing the information in the form of a filesystem so 
other processes could access it easily.

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