Testers wanted: Gvinum patches of SoC 2007 work

Ulf Lilleengen lulf at stud.ntnu.no
Mon Aug 13 21:08:15 UTC 2007


It's here! The new and hopefully better gvinum patch. This is perhaps my final
patch of the work I've done during GSoC 2007 (the patch will be updated when I
fix a bug). This doesn't mean I'll stop work on gvinum, but rather that I'm not
adding more features until this gets into the tree. But, for this to get into
the tree, I need people to test it. _ALL_ reports on how it works is good.

So, what should you test?

* Plain normal use.

* Mirror synchronization, rebuild if raid-5 arrays, growing of raid-5 arrays
  etc. These should work, and probably is the most tested, but some weird
  combinations that I have not forseen might show itself.

* Try weird combinations to check if it crashes.

* Test mirror, concat, stripe and raid5 commands.

* If there are any issues with the usability aspect. E.g. if the information
  gvinum gives you is good enough for you to understand what it's doing, if one
  way to do things seems unnatural to you etc. I'd like to hear all of this, no
  matter how bikshedish it might sound, it might be something that have been
  overlooked. These things are hard to test for the people that have been
  developing it, since we know how it "should" be used.

Before you head on, beware that the new gvinum does not give messages back to
the userland gvinum (so you won't get them into your terminal). This is because
it's not very simple to do with the new event system.
!! This means you'll have to look after messages in /var/log/messages !!

And thanks to people for comments and help that I've been getting during the summer.

Ulf Lilleengen

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