netatm: plan for removal unless an active maintainer is found

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Mar 15 14:11:25 UTC 2006

Robert Watson <rwatson at> wrote:

> The other large chunk of non-MPSAFE network device driver and stack 
> code, FYI, is the i4b code.  In principle, a newly added committed is

The USB stack is also a part of the problem (USB network interfaces), I

> now available to work on the capi integration, and hopefully will do 
> the SMP safety work as part of that.  If not, it's also on the 
> chopping block.  It's a significant piece of otherwise unmaintained 
> code, and something that's not trivially testable (at least, not by 
> me or anyone I've talked to lately :-).  I don't want to see it leave 
> the tree, but it needs to be updated so that it can run MPSAFE before 
> 7.0.

I may add, that Hans-Petter Selasky has a MPSAFE replacement (written from
scratch it seems) for I4B (AFAIK including capi) and the USB stack. I have
tested or reviewed neither of them, but as far as I can read in the
mailinglists, he adresses not only the issues you mention here, but he also
provides bugfixes and additional features compared to our current code base.



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