wscons for FreeBSD?

Gordon Bergling gbergling at
Thu Oct 27 06:33:51 PDT 2005


I am currently working on project, which refactors a lot of FreeBSDs
console code.

While reading a lot of source code and add some code here and there I
came to the idea how useful it whould be to have these changes for other
BSDs and architectures != i386 on FreeBSD.

I saw that OpenBSD and NetBSD use wscons. This whould make things for my
project easier, if we whould have wscons in FreeBSD.

What whould the FreeBSD project think about a ported wscons for FreeBSD?

I know that wscons lags a few things, what we allready have at syscons,
but people arn't forced to use it if they don't want to.

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