Gateway ALR 9200

Brian Duke brian at
Sun Jun 26 18:34:08 GMT 2005

I picked up one of these and would like to run FreeBSD this beast.


The BTX loader fails right after the initial setup screen. I press any
option except install prompt and it fails.


I have :

Gateway ALR 9200

4 processor xeon 500's 

1 gig ram 

1 adaptec 3200S scsi card running modified raid 5

6 drives. 2 sets of striped 3 and mirrored.


I am having a difficult time finding anything that will load in this box. 

I prefer FreeBSD if possible. I've googled for a couple days and didn't find
much help.

Can someone help me get past this first hurdle?


The OS I am loading is currently FreeBSD 5.3 

I went to adaptec and found some information about FreeBSD 4.11 and tried
that version as well. 

I can get Solaris 10 to load but it fails to find the raid as a valid drive.

Fedora Core 2 also boots and says it can't find a drive.

The Raid boots up fine and builds with no faults. 

I have an adaptec driver for FeeBSD but I need to install enough OS to
pkg_add the file.


When I install a little 850 meg IDE drive and set that to master, Still the
btx loader dies. Here is what the final screen says:


/boot/kernel/acpi.ko text=0x3fbfc data=0x1c04+0x112c


int=0000000d  err=00000000  efl=00030002  eip=00005755

eax=00000001  ebx=00000008  ecx=000039ff  edx=00000082 

esi=0000579c  edi=0000e873  edi=000003ba  esp=0000037e 

cs=f000 ds=0040 es=f000 fs=9dc0 gs=f000 ss=9c46 

cs:eip=2e 0f 01 14 0f 20 c0 0c-01 0f 22 c0 eb 00 8e db

       8e c3 8e e3 8e eb 0f 20-c0 24 fc 0f 22 c0 ea 78

ss:esp=11 64 08 00 01 00 00 00-00 f0 c0 9d 02 02 51 e8

       05 00 c2 ee 05 00 00 f0-00 00 1a 7d c4 5e dd e6 

BTX Halted


I think I copied all that correctly.


Has anyone got a quick idea why this fails right off?


Brian Duke


Blue Incorporated.



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