New library: libpidfile.

Yar Tikhiy yar at
Thu Aug 25 14:47:41 GMT 2005

On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 07:14:37PM +0200, Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 05:45:40PM +0400, Yar Tikhiy wrote:
> +> > 
> +> > Neither, of these are safe to prevent multiple daemons from starting
> +> > up at the same time...  Both NetBSD and OpenBSD doesn't even check if
> +> > a daemon is running.. it just blindly splats the pid into the file..
> +> 
> +> Of course, giving advices is much easier than doing the real work,
> +> but I dare suggest cooperation with NetBSD and OpenBSD on this issue
> +> so that eventually we have a good and compatible implementation of
> +> the pidfile API in *BSD.  I believe that the NetBSD and OpenBSD
> +> folks won't take offence if approached with a well-grounded explanation
> +> of why their current pidfile functions suck.
> They are of course free to adpot pidfile(3) and I'll gladly provide
> all needed explanations if they'll ask me.

And what if they miss your effort and don't ask you in the first
place?  My point is that a bit of good will won't hurt when we see
evidently rotten code in other projects and have a better solution
to offer.  This is particularly true for *BSD since we all grow
from the same root.  In addition, by taking the initiative you'll
encourage *BSD folks to provide useful feedback on your work.  To
my mind, it is a wonderful opportunity that as little as a mere
email can help to make *BSD a tad better and more compatible.


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