/usr/portsnap vs. /var/db/portsnap

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Sun Aug 7 12:45:06 GMT 2005

Colin Percival <cperciva at freebsd.org> wrote
  in <42F5BC19.5040602 at freebsd.org>:

cp> Hiroki Sato wrote:
cp> >  Is the server-side part of portsnap available now?
cp> There is code for creating a portsnap mirror, but I don't think you really
cp> want that...
cp> >  I am interested in
cp> >  mirroring since portsnap.daemonology.net is too far from my box in Japan.
cp> ... instead, assuming that "too far" really means "too slow", try running
cp> the latest version of portsnap from the ports tree (version 0.9.4) using
cp> the -x option.  That will enable "experimental" pipelined http code which
cp> speeds up operation by a factor of 10 or more.

 I meant "too far" as "low bandwidth and intermediate nodes down sometimes".
 Some areas, especially in Asian countries, needs expensive connection fee
 for international connection as delphij pointed out.  Also, portsnap is
 useful in a local network as CVSup is if the server-side program is
 available, IMHO.

 So, I would like the server-side bits to be imported if portsnap will
 be in the base system.

| Hiroki SATO
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