designing new freebsd server for amd64 arch

David Komanek xdavid at
Tue Apr 19 00:22:45 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I am trying to design new machine for FreeBSD running on amd64 platform. I 
already read officially supported hardware list as well as many 
discussions concerning hardware for FreeBSD. Still I am not quite sure, 
what to choose as motherboard. I need dual opteron motherboard, which 
covers (or can be extended by add-on cards) 2x Gb ethernet networking 
device and scsi raid 5. I read that FreeBSD has problems with asus and msi 
motherboards, so I decided to use some tyan board. Those with integrated 
ZCR Adaptec seem to me to be also problematic. What do you suggest based 
on your experience ?

Now I prefer:
Tyan Thunder K8WE, S2895A2NRF
2x AMD Opteron 250 Box
Adaptec 2130SLP
4x Hitachi 3.5" 73.4 GB (SCSI Ultra 320),10 000 rpm
HP DLT 40/80

but I am not sure whether
- motherboard's nForce chipsets are well supported on amd64 port of 
- I can install directly to RAID 5 behind the Adaptec 2130SLP and boot 
from it without the need of installing on a separate SATA drive (or even 
old ATA ?)
- is it possible to attach the HP DLT drive to the same SCSI controller as 
the RAID5-configured disks ?
- how strong power supply should I use for this or similar configuration ? 
(I expect at least 500W, but what is your experience)

Maybe you will suggest to use completely another motherboard - I am open 
to it too.

Thanks in advance,

   David Komanek
   Charles University in Prague
   Prague, CZ

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