Adding standalone RSA code

Colin Percival colin.percival at
Fri Dec 10 19:58:29 PST 2004

David O'Brien wrote:
> In other words, rather than create an RSA library that your code links
> against, just build .o's and list the .c's in your FreeBSD Update's
> Makefile.  That way you can use this RSA code that you want to, but it
> isn't exposed as a consumable library in FreeBSD's {,/usr}/lib.

Ah, now I understand.  FreeBSD Update is a shell script, so I'd still need
to add an rsa-verify program into /usr/sbin, but I'm quite happy to have
it statically link my RSA code rather than installing a separate library,
if that's what people would prefer.  Honestly, I thought that people would
complain if I did it that way.

Colin Percival

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