Meta: explain what where when? (was Re: userland accesstodevicesis moving!)

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Thu Jun 19 22:53:54 PDT 2003

"Matthew D. Fuller" wrote:
> [ Bunches of in-depth detail-overview snipped ]
> The point of the exercise is not "marketing blurb".  The point of the
> exercise is to provide a hint so those of us whose heads only work in
> userland-mode have a clue what this change is expected to mean to us.

The author of a patch *ALWAYS* expects that things will be
better than they were, and that *NO ONE* uses any feature
that they want to deprecate, and *SOMETIMES* doesn't even
agree that the things being deprecated were in fact features
in the first place.

The last case is the one which worries me most.

-- Terry

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