Meta: explain what where when? (was Re: userland access to devices is moving!)

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Wed Jun 18 12:05:21 PDT 2003

In message <20030618190032.GG10127 at>, "Matthew D. Fuller" writes:

>> I do on the other hand not think that emails to arch@ is the best forum
>> for the in-depth explanations.
>Oh, absolutely!  And to understand an in-depth explanation, I'd have to
>dig into the code anyway to understand it.
>I was aiming more at a throwaway statement like, "This will clean up a
>lot of code and make it easier to understand and debug," or [...]

Ahh, ok.  Yeah, I guess we have a tendency to write with the usual
suspects as implied target.  I'll try to remember that.

>> The "blueprint" articles which I am trying to restart in DæmonNews
>> may not be either, but I think they are more the right kind of
>> forum for it.  I am still warming up to the article format, and the
>> amount of feedback so far has not really given me any feel for how
>> complex issues I can tackle without the readers just skipping the
>> article.
>That's an interesting way to go, and certainly something worthwhile.
>Poking at the site now, I see the one from May on userland/kernel
>interfaces; has there been more?

I hope the next one is in the pipeline...

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