Making a dynamically-linked root

Sebastian Lederer sl at
Fri Jun 6 01:41:15 PDT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 05.06.03, um 18:46 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Terry 

> Sebastian Lederer wrote:
>> I think the best bet is to write something reasonably simple from
>> scratch and implement it as an NSS module, so that it can be installed
>> without any changes to the rest of the system, especially without
>> hacking libc.
> You have to hack libc: the lookup calls in a static libc have
> to resolve to transactions interacting with the lookupd.  The
> entire point of this exercise is to allow access to NSS modules
> by a statically linked binary!

Of course. What I meant was that writing an NSS module and putting it 
into the default set of static NSS modules is much easier than hacking 
support of a new protocol into each getXbyY function.

I believe the irs/irp stuff from bind8 worked that way (anybody ever 
used it?). If you wanted to use the irpd daemon (equivalent to nscd), 
you put an "irp" keyword into the irs.conf file (equivalent to 
nsswitch.conf), just like any other name service module. The irpd 
daemon then had his own, different irs.conf file to avoid endless 

- Sebastian Lederer

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