Breaking out kern_mac.c into multiple files

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Jul 30 14:04:42 PDT 2003

On 30-Jul-2003 Robert Watson wrote:
> As the scope of the MAC Framework has grown, so has kern_mac.c.  It's
> reached the point where breaking it into separate files would make it a
> lot easier to read, by virtue of logically grouping its exposed functions,
> APIs, etc.  Similarly scoped extension frameworks, such as NetGraph and
> GEOM, have opted to go into sys/$framework, with files named similarly. 
> My leaning was to do something similar -- add sys/mac, and then have
> mac_framework.c, mac_net.c, mac_sysvipc.c, etc.  I probably won't get to
> this for a bit because I want to avoid introducing large numbers of
> conflicts for our outstanding changes, but I was going to poll for general
> interest in placement, naming, etc.  Some of the other choices would be to
> keep it in kern/, but rename (similar to the System V IPC bits, VFS bits,
> et al). 

sys/security/mac please.

We already have a sys/security directory, let's use it.


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