[FreeBSD-rc] Re: RFC: Removal of the old rc system from -current

Dag-Erling Smorgrav des at ofug.org
Sun Apr 27 07:11:38 PDT 2003

Scott Long <scott_long at btc.adaptec.com> writes:
> My premise is this: there are people who cvsup and build world on a
> regular basis, track current@, etc, and there are those who are only
> interested in running official releases.  My concern is not the first
> group, but the second group.  The old rc system has been around for
> quite some time, and it might be a shock if it disappears without
> warning.  The fact that 5.1 has the possiblity of being a worthly
> release means that more people are likely to jump straight from 4.x
> to 5.1, and might not be aware of rcNG from 5.0.  These aren't the
> people who will be doing mergemaster, these are the people who will
> install from CD then might try to configure things in the way that
> they used to be familiar with.

The configuration mechanism hasn't changed, except for details like
variable names which are not directly related to rcNG (portmap ->
rpcbind, xntpd -> ntpd).  The only thing that has changed is the way
the configuration is applied behind the scenes.

Normal users won't notice rcNG in a negative sense (though they may
discover that they can now easily start and stop services); if they
have trouble configuring their 5.1 systems, it'll be because of things
like the switch from pam.conf to pam.d, the introduction of nsswitch,
or the deprecation of usbd and pccardd in favor of devd.

The kind of people who hack their rc scripts such that rcNG will break
their setup should know better than to upgrade blindly, and should
hopefully have the skills required to port their hacks to 5.1.  If
they don't, they shouldn't have been messing with the rc scripts in
the first place.

Dag-Erling Smorgrav - des at ofug.org

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