Apache 2.2 with mod_php5.1.5 problem

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at quip.cz
Mon Aug 28 18:51:56 UTC 2006


up at 3.am wrote:
> Hi:
> I just installed Apache/2.2.3 and php_5.1.5 (from ports) on a server
> that's going to replace much older versions of both.  It works for the
> most part, except users with phpMyAdmin aren't.  The following error is
> occuring:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function preg_match() in
> /home/servers/sitename/source/phpMyAdminStories/libraries/defines.lib.php
> on line 36
> I did a google on it, and found a recommendation to install
> /var/db/ports/php5-extensions.  I attempted that, and the problems began:
> 1st attempt: got a nice color screen giving me checkbox options. I check
> everything I could worry about wanting some day, but if fails trying to
> install something for a calender extension.  Ok, I figure I can do
> without.
> 2nd attempt: even after a "make clean" and a "make distclean" the port
> attempted to build it without giving me that screen, and it eventually
> stops with a complaint that php5 itself is already installed and asks me
> to deinstall and reinstall it.  It also seems to think that an older
> version of php5 is installed (5.1.4 instead of 5.1.5), even though I had
> properly deinstalled the old one, cleaned, etc.
> Do I have to deinstall php_5.1.5 and all of the modules for it then
> install these extensions, THEN install php5 ??

Definitely not.

pkg_info command will list installed packages and version.

If you want to change something in port configuration dialog (e.g. 
php5-extensions), just run `make config` in port directory or remove old 
configuration by `make rmconfig`. Then make install clean and you have 
what you want (or better use portinstall / protupgrade commands [from 

Miroslav Lachman

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