virtual hosts take an age to resolve

M Fitzgerald malcolm at
Sat Nov 12 07:17:06 PST 2005

I'm new to freeBSD and I want to be using it as a test server for web
development. Apache is running but I am having trouble with virtual hosts.
Requesting a static page from a virtual host address takes a long time. It
seems as though the request for is being sent to the
internet DNS, where (of course) it can't be found before it tries locally.
I have tried to treat it as a problem with httpd.conf. I've been on irc
#apache but they ran out of advice without finding a solution. Now I'm
treating it as a BSD network configuration problem. I looked at
resolv.conf and named.conf but they appear to be correct. I'm too new to
be sure.

This is what I'm sure of. I have this line in hosts.    cccc

typing cccc in the location bar of a web browser does two things:
1. the nickname immediately switches to
2. after a minute or two the page is displayed

Where should I be looking to fix this problem?

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