KQueue Patches

Lorenzo Perone lopez.on.the.lists at yellowspace.net
Thu Nov 11 07:09:44 PST 2004

Hello, I am new to this list; I use FreeBSD as a web and application
server for production and web development now since 2 years and am
fairly happy with it. For production I use FreeBSD RELENG_4_10 and for
development RELENG_5_3 recently. Also, I am an extensive user of jails.

I hope I will be able to contribute to this list with test results, or
at least good questions ;).

I wonder if You (Paul Querna) could share some of Your "small
optimizations" to this list.
I have some pages on a complex php/mysql framework that run
twice as slow on FreeBSD 5.3 than they did with 5.2.1 and I am trying
to find out why, or what I possibly misconfigured.
All ports were rebuilt, after the world of course. It is not an SMP
I will be trying the "WITH_EXPERIMENTAL_PATCHES" makeflag in my next
build-round, but if someone here has some kind of checklist (or a draft
of it) it would be great.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Lorenzo Perone

> Hello,
> I am the author of the KQueue/Epoll support for APR/Apache-2.1.  I
> noticed that the Ports are including these changes as an optional 
> patch.
> (cool!)
> I was wondering if anyone has had success using this patch, or if they
> have had any problems since applying it?
> I am also wondering if anyone has started writing a document about
> performance tuning Apache 2.0/2.1 just for FreeBSD?  There are many
> small optimizations that can make a huge difference in production.
> Thanks,
> -Paul Querna

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