Buslogic - a clarification.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at freefall.cdrom.com
Mon May 22 09:35:06 PDT 1995

Several people have pointed out to me that my previous message
regarding the problems people have been having with Buslogic may have
been confusing to our users, coming as it did almost on the tails of
my previous endorsement of their product several weeks ago, and one
possibly misconstrued as a position from which there's no return.

Please allow me to clarify this, and also state for the record that
the previous was only a description of our recent experiences and
nothing more.  I've no desire to get into a war with Buslogic, and
would in fact be most receptive to any attempt on their part to
clarify some of the problems we've been having with their technical
support.  We have been trying for some time to get action on this and
have been most unhappy with our lack of success.  We'd like to fix the
problem and return to a mutually agreeable state of affairs, not
escalate this.  My last endorsement of Buslogic just several weeks ago
was sent just before these reports started to trickle in, with a
number of people only informing me after their own unsucessful efforts
to contact Buslogic tech support had gone on for some time.

I also felt compelled to post my message given my traditionally strong
endorsement of Buslogic, a stance I've taken from almost the very
beginning of this project.  I've always complimented their foresight
in making their entire controller line, from ISA to PCI, software
compatible with our driver, thus greatly minimizing the amount of work
we've had to do to support their product, and I have a Buslogic
controller in my own machine (with the older firmware) which works
flawlessly.  Buslogic has also traditionally been very open with us
software developers, in marked contrast with some other manufacturers
I won't mention, and this was also highly appreciated.

If someone from the company would care to contact me about these
latest troubles we've been having I'd be very happy to discuss it,
hopefully bringing this to a successful conclusion for all concerned.
All attempts at contacting their tech support have failed, thus
leading me to the final (and sad) step of withdrawing my endorsement
in order to save my own reputation.  I make or imply no other
statements regarding Buslogic's quality of service and am simply
relating the recent experiences of myself and many others.  Should the
situation change, I'll be happy to bring everyone up to date on those


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