New "release candidate floppies" available

Michael Smith msmith at
Sun Jun 4 08:13:30 PDT 1995

Jordan K. Hubbard stands accused of saying:
> -rw-rw-r--  1 jkh  wheel  1228800 Jun  4 05:09 boot.flp
> -rw-rw-r--  1 jkh  wheel   346624 Jun  4 05:09 root.flp
> In the usual UPDATES directory.  Modulo any final bug fixes
> or typo corrections to the documentation, I do not plan any
> further functional changes to the install!

I hope this makes it back to you in time : I'm running my second install
with these (actually 7am ??) images.

Very close! FTP install is still looking for <set>.tgz, and hangs 
if it doesn't find it.  (ie. FTP sites with <set>.xx break it)

FTP's to nonfunctioning hosts now time out OK, this is good 8)

In the post-install configuration, there's a menu (with NFS client/server
options on it) that is remeniscent of the old options menu - items
that should have [X] fields but dont.

If you nominate to be an NFS server, the install starts vi on /etc/exports,
but it comes up on the debug screen and you can't type to it.

> If you run into any serious walls with this installation then I
> want to hear about it ASAP!  The CD distribution is sitting
> on the launch pad and this is one of the last few things
> holding it up.

Timezone stuff seems still broken with wall CMOS clocks.  Try entering a clock
value, nominate that clock time is wall time, then say that you're
in South Australia.  The 'is this OK' time will be a few hours earlier
than the time that you've entered.  I can't speak for other locations,
as I haven't been travelling all that much the last few days 8)

> I do think you'll find this revision of the install floppies to be
> quite a bit more robust than the first set!

Indeed.  _PLEASE_ fix the FTP install to handle <550 File not found>
messages 8)  (another install just hung 8( )

> 			Thanks!

Mondo congrats to the team.

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