DES, eBones and crypt availble for non-US!

Mark Murray mark at
Sun Jun 4 01:06:46 PDT 1995

Hello World!
(In particular, that part of it ouside the USA and Canada)

I have (with official sanction of the organisation concerned)
a LEGAL site for the distribution of crypt and Kerberos code.

The secure code (crypt) is _identical_ to the US code. It originated in
South Africa and Australia, and has never been to the US, so it is totally
kosher. The Kerberos (eBones actually) code stared out life like the secure
stuff, but as the US code was worked on, the changes were tracked with 
code legally available outside the US, so that too is kosher. There are
minor differences between the US and the "foreign" eBones, but it is
ALL in comments and whitespace, so the compiled code should be the same
barring CVS-type strings.

The site is in the directory
~ftp/pub/FreeBSD, and this site is running wu-ftpd, so to get a whole
directory you _should_ be able to type get <dir>.tar or <dir>.tar.gz for

I have (at the the moment) 4 directories each containing crypto code for
a different version of FreeBSD:


Each directory contains two subdirectories - src and distfiles. `src' has
all the source unpacked an in the individual files for those who need just
a piece. `distfiles' contains the distribution tarballs that you would need
for your installation process.

Many thanks to the kind folks at the CSIR's Program for Network Design
and Security.

My email address is live (not dialup) but I do not generally read it during
working hours.  (My timezone is 2 hours ahead of GMT, and I work on average
from 8:30am till 6:30pm Mon-Fri local time) My heart is in this project,
and I WILL make it work. Work with me!


Mark Murray <mark at>
Mark Murray
46 Harvey Rd, Claremont, Cape Town 7700, South Africa
+27 21 61-3768 GMT+0200

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