Atalk Serving with FreeBSD Discussion List (fwd)

Charles Owens owensc at
Wed Dec 13 10:53:17 PST 1995

Seasons Greetings!

I am setting up a mailing list to facilitate communication between 
folks who are trying to provide Appletalk services using FreeBSD 
(NetAtalk, CAP, etc.).  Our beloved operating system has much to offer in 
this regard, but there's work to be done to polish things up and to 
better support those who are trying to implement such services.

Make yourself heard!!!!

If you're interested, send a note to    fbsd-request at

Post all contributions to the list to	fbsd-atalk at

Feel free to tell others about this list.  For now, I'm maintaining it by 
hand, but I'll switch to majordomo if need be.

Please join!
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