Second appeal for sup, CTM, mail and www servers. Please help!

Coranth Gryphon gryphon at
Fri Dec 8 06:18:32 PST 1995

Says Jordan:
> > First the good news:
> > We've decided, after much internal debate, to re-open general read access

> > We don't have the resources to actually deploy any of these services
> > from

Says Mark Murray:
> I suspect, though, that I will need more
> remailers to make this work properly.  More volunteers? 
> Any chances of doing some kind of FSP mirroring?

I have an ISP willing to donate space and cpu-time on a machine (he's
sitting on a T1 off MCI backbone). Problem is that I do not have the
time to do the setup. If anyone out there can donate the time to get this
site set up, then we can get rolling.

Email me.


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