amd64/155903: FreeBSD32 emulation patch to support i386 X11 Server

John Wehle john at
Thu Mar 24 20:39:42 UTC 2011

> First, please split the patch into smaller, logically self-contained
> parts. E.g. the change to handle fdrop() in one place should be committed
> separately.

Will do.  Okay to just submit the series of patches under amd64/155903
or do you want them file under separate bug reports?

> The last commit is the most controversial, in fact. I understand the
> reason to get the user memory for calling into pciconf ioctls, but this
> is somewhat ugly. Ideally, the pci_ioctl() would be changed into wrapper
> and core code, and two wrappers produced, one for the native call path,
> other for compat32.

I don't necessarily disagree, however that's more work than I'm planning on
at the moment.

> BTW, would you do the shims for other pciconf ioctls, while there ?

I would have if necesary (since I was there).  However at a quick glance
of pciio.h it didn't appear to me to be necessary.  Also I do suspect
that the i386 X11 Server is making successfuly use of some of the other

Keep in mind that the freebsd32 layer has generic handling for those
ioctl calls that don't require anything special.  I believe PCIOCREAD,
PCIOCWRITE, and friends fall into that category since it appears the
structures don't change size or alignment between i386 and amd64
(mind you this was based just on a quick glance at the header).

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