X fails after upgrade to xorg-7.2; FreeBSD AMD64 w/ Radeon 9600 Pro

Mark Kirkwood markir at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jun 17 23:36:13 UTC 2007

Byron Campbell wrote:
> Help, X was working just fine until I did a portupgrade of 
> xorg 6.9.0 to 7.2.
> Looks like X is starting but my LCD monitor just goes black 
> with the monitor's OSD reporting "video input, out of range".
> I've gone back through Xorg configuration 
> (via "xorgcfg -textmode") and verified correct settings for 
> my graphics card and the monitor's Horz. / Vert. scan 
> frequencies etc., everything being in order.
> #Xorg -configure gives Driver "ati", Boardname "RV350 AP 
> [Radeon 9600]" and BusID "PCI:1:0:0"
> I've also run #xorgcfg -textmode choosing Driver "radeon" and 
> Card "** ATI Radeon (generic).." and still no luck.
> Please help. Anyone have their Radeon 9600 card working in 
> Xorg-7.2 with just a basic / non accelerated setup, or any 
> setup? 
> Thanks,
> Byron
> System info:
> FreeBSD 6.2 stable (AMD64)  
> Graphics card: ATI  Radeon 9600 Pro (using the VGA monitor 
> connection jack)
> Mainboard: MSI KT8 Neo2-F

I've seen this with VGA connections - e.g I've a 9550 (RV350 AS) and for 
DVI connection it works fine with the file generated by 'Xorg 
-configure' with accel and drm, but with VGA fails with 'out of range'. 
I needed to tell it which display resolution to use by adding a 'Modes' 
clause to the "Display" subsection of xorg.conf e.g:

Section "Screen"
     Identifier "Screen0"
     Device     "Card0"
     Monitor    "Monitor0"
     SubSection "Display"
         Viewport   0 0
         Depth     24
	Modes	"1680x1050"  # whatever mode your monitor uses here



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