Commands available for

gentoo-server+owner at gentoo-server+owner at
Fri Jul 6 13:13:54 UTC 2007


There exists the following options:

To unsubscribe send a mail to:

gentoo-server+unsubscribe at

To subscribe to the digest of this list send a mail to:

gentoo-server+subscribe-digest at

To subscribe to the nomail version of this list send a mail to:

gentoo-server+subscribe-nomail at

The nomail version of a list means that you are reckognized as a
subscriber, but will not get any mails to the list. Useful when it's
necessary to post from several emailaddresses to a subscribers only list.

For retrieval of message number N in the archive send a mail to

gentoo-server+get-N at

To send a mail to the list owner, send a mail to:

gentoo-server+owner at

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