FreeBSD ethernet on a Sun Ultra 20

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Sun Feb 25 13:22:50 UTC 2007

Yes,  Im  not surprised really,
New PCI  DEVICE ID's   is used all the time.  The "Sun Ultra 20 M2"  is 
just a few months old.
Its a new motherboard compared to the "Sun Ultra20" which has been 
around for a year and is already obsolete.

Maybe the real question is:

    When  any new  Motherboard  is evaluated  for compatability,   do we 
have a list  of which PCI Device ID's
   the current  FreeBSD  devicedrivers  support ? 

I am a bit  rusty  on FreeBSD presently , having worked mostly  with 
OpenSolaris   for the last year.

On Solaris10/OpenSolaris   a file called  /etc/driver_aliases   is 
created which contains  all the known  PCI-DEVICE  ID's 
known  by the software ( devicedrivers ).
Then when you perform a  pciscan   you can evaluate   whether  the 
hardware you actually  have  has  PCIDevice codes
unkown  to the device-drivers.

FreeBSD  has a very  good list  of supported Hardware  that details  
which  chipsets  are supported. 
Maybe this list now needs to be enhanced with the PCI device codes, as  
a device with the same generic name  apperantly
now  can have several  PCI Device codes.



Blake Meike wrote:
> I've had some trouble getting the ethernet ports on my shiny new Sun 
> Ultra 20 to show up under FreeBSD 6.2.  Although this seems like an 
> obvious configuration, it required some digging around, and the 
> kindness of strangers to get it to work.
> There is now a thread at
> that shows how to get it to work.  Please pardon the cross posting.
> Blake Meike
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