6.2-RELEASE on Sun Fire X2100

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Fri Feb 23 15:57:58 UTC 2007

On Friday 23 February 2007 07:20, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> I have a brand new Sun Fire X2100 server (Opteron 148, 2 GB RAM) on
> which I'm trying to install FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE using a USB CD-ROM.
> The CD image is amd64-disc1 from ftp.no.freebsd.org, MD5 checksum OK.
> The server crashes while loading /boot/loader (eip=0000288b, IIRC).

BTX fault or a kernel crash?   Most USB BIOSen don't play well with BTX
as they all want to enter protected mode themselves rather than using
the (slower) BIOS routines.

John Baldwin

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