Watchdog driver for winbond 83627H/HF

Vasim Valejev vasim at
Wed Feb 21 14:27:46 UTC 2007

Hi !

Many opteron server boards has chip winbond 83627 with integrated watchdog timer
in it (i have this chip on my  Tyan S2882S and Supermicro H8DCE). Unfortunally,
there is no driver for this watchdog in the FreeBSD. So, i've changed linux
driver to work as FreeBSD kernel module (tested under 5.5-stable and
7.0-current). Timeout is fixed, 120 seconds. Since it works via watchdog
facility in the FreeBSD (man 9 watchdog), it requires 'options SW_WATCHDOG' in
kernel's config.

Its sources:

To install - 'make; make install'. Load it with 'kldload w83627wd' command and
run watchdogd. To disable - 'watchdog -t 0'.

I'm not sure if all motherboard suppliers makes required wiring from watchdog
output to reset, so it may not work on some motherboards even if there is that
chip installed.

Vasim V.

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