AMD 64 stability

Ashley Moran work at
Thu Feb 23 07:38:52 PST 2006

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 23:11, Terry wrote:
> I have a ASUS 64 bit board and cpu spare so was considering using these
> with amd64 version. But due to the data centre being 300 mile away i
> thought i would check how you guys are finding it first :). Or shall i
> play it safe and use the i386 i just can't decide

I've got a server based around an A8V Deluxe.  Runs abolutely great, SATA RAID 
and everything.  Postgres flies on it.  Getting Java running in the last 
couple of days was a pain, but that is down to i386 emulation issues.  Not 
had any other problems at all.

I'm so pleased with it I simply won't buy another server that won't run 
FreeBSD/amd64 natively - although currently that does mean it can take longer 
to find a compatible server than to actually install it.


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