anyone successfully using an icp-vortex / iir controller?

ray at ray at
Wed Feb 22 09:41:52 PST 2006

you might want to check with Eren over at OSS (eniazi at - I don't
think he's on the list, but I know they do a lot with ICP and he may have some
clients using it under FreeBSD.  I believe they use 3ware and ICP, so I would
bet they could toss their 2 cents in.

Just a thought.  Hope that helps :)


cc: eniazi at

At 06:40 PM 2/22/2006 +0100, V. T. Mueller wrote:
| Hello,
| is there anyone here successfully using a raid-controller that's 
| supported by iir(4) in a system with >= 4GB RAM?
| After a couple of days testing with both GDT8500RZ and GDT8114RZ it 
| seems as if the iir driver is broken. Disk access crashes the system 
| when there are >=4GB of main memory installed.
| I would reall ylike to here that it's a local problem, but with all 
| the data collected so far I would also be really surprised to hear so.
| If noone convices me that it's working, I will file a bug report 
| tomorrow.
| Cheers,
| vt
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