New To unix and linux need to find out whats right for my CPU

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Thu Mar 11 22:38:29 PST 2004


Tye wrote:

> Hello my name is Tye and I have been looking at using a anther OS liike linux but so far not been inpressed with Mandrake, Red Hat, or Gentoo.  I'm looking at using FreeBSD and want to know what type of Distro is right for my CPU I'm using a AMD K-6 2 with 3-D Tech. Your reply would help so much thank you for your time Tye

You do not have to worry about distributions here. All you need to 
know is the architecture you machine is. You will need the i386 
which should run just out of the box.

You also have to decide on the version you want to use.

4.9 is the stable and 5.2 is the current one. Stable means real 
stable. I consider current more stable than Linux. But there are 
always some problems which can hit you like a lightning out of the 
blue sky.

Oh, I just see it. You are subscribed to the wrong list. AMD64 is 
for Opterons only, not for Athlons and the other x86 CPUs AMD does.


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