can't boot 5.1 CD

James Van Artsdalen james-freebsd-amd64 at
Thu Dec 11 17:37:35 PST 2003

The AMD64 5.2 beta ISO worked fine.  It seems very stable.
My problem was that all of the disk controllers I was trying
were not supported.

Is there a source tree I should track via CVSUP or whatever?

There seems to be an issue with the sysctl call.  The x86 DNETC
binary actually runs until it gets an error from a sysctl call,
probably kern.ostype or kern.osrelease, and systat prints
an error message complaining

   sysctl(hw.intrcnt...) failed: Cannot allocate memory

when the :vmstat command is given (at the next screen update).
Has anyone looked into this?

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:15:03 -0800
From: "David O'Brien" <obrien at>
Subject: Re: can't boot 5.1 CD
To: James Van Artsdalen <james-freebsd-amd64 at>
Cc: freebsd-amd64 at

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 02:43:53AM -0600, James Van Artsdalen wrote:
> Has anyone gotten the error
>     write failed, filesystem full
>     panic: Going nowhere without my init!
> trying to boot the 5.1 distribution CD when the kernel tries
> to start /etc/init?

Please try the 5.2 Beta or RC1.  A LOT has stablized since 5.1.

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