Linux emulation status

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at
Thu Dec 11 14:51:55 PST 2003

David O'Brien wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 11:40:48PM -0500, Owen Becker wrote:
>>Anyone know what the status of running i386 linux binaries on
> Peter Wemm and I have agreed that the priority for running binaries is:
>     1.  FreeBSD/i386 ELF
>     2.  32-bit i386 Linux ELF
>     3.  64-bit amd64 Linux ELF
> of course someone may have other priorities and work on things in a
> different order.

How far off is number 1?

I presume this means I am not able to compile and run 32bit apps currently?

One of the apps I am interested may not be 64bit clean. In Gentoo I had 
to enter the 32bit dev environment to compile it. I haven't been able to 
do that successfully on Gentoo yet. That is one of the reasons I went 
exploring FreeBSD. Not the only one tho'. :)

Actually if FreeBSD AMD64 was tier 1 when I got my machine I may have 
never tried the Gentoo port.

>>More specifically, has anyone gotten mozilla/firebird going?
> Unfortunately, the Mozilla developers have depended on having carnal
> knowledge of GCC's internal C++ ABI and exception mechanism.  I don't
> understand why, but this makes it rather hard to port to new
> architectures.

Gentoo AMD64 has mozilla running.

> I have some patches for Mozilla 1.4 with GCC 3.2.  I started working on
> porting them, but December has become my work month from hell.  It is
> important to me to get these into the Mozilla CVS tree for 1.6/0.8.
> Peter mentioned there seems to be some patches in the Mozilla bugzilla
> that might cover GCC 3.3.  If someone is bored and wanted to spend some
> time on it...  all I ask is that if someone does port them, to post the
> patches and give me a chance to Sheppard them into the Mozilla CVS tree so
> things are as AMD would like them to be (naming, etc...).

Gentoo AMD64 is using gcc 3.3.2.

I don't know if any of the Gentoo AMD64 work towards mozilla is of any 
benefit to FreeBSD or not. I am not a C/C++ programmer. :)

Jimmie Houchin

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